Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm doin' a "happy dance" right now!

Hello Everyone,

My Internet problems have finally been resolved! I have a new router box and along with some wiring adjustments I couldn't be any happier at the moment. I missed my computer so much and to keep from going "stir-crazy" I re-read the Twilight saga and went to see New Moon three times!!!

I have also missed viewing all of your beautiful cards and can't wait to see what all of you have been up to!

Take care and thank you all so much for your kind words:) It feels great to be back!




Stampin Mindy said...

Glad to see you back online :)

CraftyC said...

Hi Risa, nice to see you back in action

Danni said...

So glad you're back!!

Elena said...

So glad your computer is fixed, Risa! I missed you and your beautiful cards! Can't wait to see your new projects!

Kim Piggott said...

So glad that you are back!
kim x

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your internet back Risa!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)xxx

Kelly L said...

So glad you are back in business. :) it's rough when we do so much on the Internet these days, huh?! lol Hugs, Kel