Friday, November 30, 2007

Lovely Pay it Forward RAKs by Carla Moralia

Carla Moralia sent me this beautiful PIF (play it forward) RAK! These RAKs, altered note pad and images are awesome! I was totally surprised when I open the envelope. I hope that you can see the beauty of each item as I see it here at home. Carla's work is fantastic. Thank you so much Carla!
If anyone is interested, I will take the first persons name who sends me their address. In return, I will send you a PIF gift in the mail too! Everyone I know already has done this so I'm putting a "twist" on the game!
Tomorrows surprise is a PIF by Rita two beautiful RAKs from Jana and Flossie! I'm ahead of the "game" the pictures are already downloaded into my computer and all I have to do is post them. Thank you Rita,Jana and Flossie and I will post your goodies tomorrow.:)

Here are Carla Moralia's PIF RAKs......please enjoy:)

Please forgive me Carla for taking a long time to post the PIF RAK. Everyday I have had good intentions to take pictures and post them to my blog. I tell ya, LIFE has just taken over my simple pleasure.....which is making cards and crafting . I know that the next few weeks are going to be just as hectic and I will try to do my best keeping my blog updated. Thank all of you for bearing with me. *smile*


Rita said...

Lucky you, what great RAK's Malieta!!! Luv the Bella! Your welcome! *Hugs*

2 Worlds said...

wow Malieta
how many great goodies !

scrapnnMO said...

WOW that totally amazing!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Beautiful items that you received!

~Carla~ said...

Glad you received this envie!! :) Still no idea what happened to my first envie to you! :(

I have to mention that the 3x3 mini notecard was from a swap.. I can't take credit for that beautiful card! ;)

Glad you like everything! Enjoy!!


Maria said...

You received some lovely RAKs for the Pay it Forward Game. . .

I can understand that life is hectic right now. . .I'm begining to feel the pressure too. Hopefully, you'll have time to relax real soon. The Holidays are suppose to be a time to enjoy . . .unfortunately, it's not always possible to sit down and relax.


Ila said...

These are Great goodies!! I know what you mean by hectic...I think alot of people are starting to feel that about now Take it some of yourself to enjoy the holidays...hugs..Ila :)