Saturday, December 1, 2007

More RAKs!!!!!

Check out these beautiful RAKs and thank you Flossie, Rita and Jana so very much!

This beautiful RAK is from Flossie. Flossie did a fantastic job with this card. I love the colors and she decorated the inside of the card too! What a pleasant surprise Flossie and thank you very very much for the wonderful surprise!

This lovely PIF (pay it forward RAK is from Rita Rita did a fantastic job with this folder type card. The card was held together by ribbon. I untied the ribbon and WOW....all kind of goodies were inside the card. Great job Rita and thank you so very much! PIF means play it forward....the first person to leave their snail mail address will receive a PIF surprise by me.:)

This lovely RAK was created by Jana I love the card, the tiny tic tac holder and the candy with the "thank you" labels. Thank you so much Jana!


Andrea, said...

Fantastic RAKs you have recieved

Beth Norman said...

Oh, I'm #1. Your RAK's are lovely. Aren't they a nice surprise?

17-215 Trudeau Drive
Sarnia ON N7S 4T5


Angel Wilde said...

Very cool RAKs! Thank you for visiting my blog. I LOVE your header. It is seriously my favorite that I have seen so far for blog headers. Did you have it made? Or make it? Or find it somewhere? It's SO pretty!

Flossie's Follies said...

Wow, what a wonderful mail day, glad to see the card arrived safe and sound and that you like it. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

2 Worlds said...

Glad you liked

Anonymous said...

Wow your lucky girl...what delightful goodies :D