Sunday, October 7, 2007

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by Scrapnmo of Dailyscrappinspiration and Marlou of Scrapingwithlove. I have to tell 7 facts about myself and tag seven others,make a link to their post and let them know that they have been tagged!

1. I am a gadget type girl, I love having the "latest and greatest" gadget but I don't always give-in to the temptation to buy though.

2. I have a "thing" for purses and perfume!

3. I like sporty type cars but I'm not a fast driver.

4. I always thought of myself as a "girly girl" type but when I worked for GM, I spent 10 of my 26 yrs. there running a machine. Once I learned how to change tools and gage the parts, it was one of my favorite jobs!

5. I re-read my favorite books, I swear I always come across something I didn't see before!

6. I can't stand to walk bare footed...yuk!

7. I like to play bingo!

Now I have to tag 7 others. I will tag Rita, Jana, Gail, Beth, and I have to name three other people. It seems like everyone I know is already tagged.......


Jen said...

great tidbits sister - thanks for sharing. do you walk bare-foot in your house?


scrapnnMO said...

Woohoooo great to learn something new about you! Thanks for playing along!

Your #5 is soooo me to! I've got books that I've read at least 5 times! :D Thanks for sharing and playing along!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I love reading these 7 facts about everyone! So interesting! I love to reread my favorite books too! I just reread a lot of my Harry Potter books! Enjoyed it VERY much!

Marlou said...

thanks for playing Malieta!! i love to read all the facts , thanks for sharing xx

Scrappy Moments said...

Nice to learn more about you :) I like Bingo too, Haven't actually went to a real game forever though, I just play at Pogo :)