Friday, July 6, 2007

Murphy's Law......

Any thing that could have gone wrong yesterday did........I wish that I could "go back in time" to prevent yesterdays misfortunes. It all started when we received a call from my mother-in-law (who was baby-sitting our dog Cody) Cody escaped from her back yard and was no where to be seen! Here we are on the highway, about one hour from home ,and we could do nothing! Everyone in the car is super upset and teary eyed thinking about Cody. Cody is a full-breed German Shepard who is terribly spoiled. He is a big dog but he is a BIG baby! As soon as we got home, my husband unpacks our overnight bags to hopefully make room for Cody. When he pops the lap-top spills out of the bag and onto the garage floor! All I could do is watch in horror! How could this have happened? I am terribly up-set as we leave the house In our search for our dog. We get there and we walk around the neighborhood calling Cody,asking nearby neighbors if they had seen him....nothing. We spent two hours looking for our "pooch" and nothing. Everyone has a sad face, each one of us suffering wondering about Cody's fate. We get home and it's confirmed, my laptop isn't working properly....I am "sick"!

I had soooo much on my mind. I went to my scrap area and made to cards. I needed the therapy. Everyone is lost into their own thoughts, trying not to hurt.

This morning my husband called the dog pound, they could not answer any of his questions about Cody. They told him that he would have to come down there. My husband went and guess who was there.....Cody! After they called and made sure that Cody's shots were up to date, my hubby had to still pay $72.00 for Cody's stay there.
All of us were happy that Cody is back home. After that we took my lap-top to the shop.....that will cost $150.00 to repair it! I'm "telling-you" it seems that as soon as you think that you have an extra dollar or two, something happens to take care of that! On top of all of this, upon sitting down to my desk-top (which is now the kids, and they are rushing me off of it by the way) I open a bottle of pop and psssssssst....the pop gushes out of the bottle everywhere. I think that I'm gonna go to bed and hope for a better day tomorrow:)


Michelle said...

Yuck, what a crappy day! It's true, just when you think you've got a bit extra cash and you're ahead of the game-POOF! Something happens.
VERY happy that you got your dog back!

Kathy said...

Big hugs to you! Sorry you had such a crappy day but I'm so glad that you found Cody. I'd be devestated if I couldn't find my dogs!!!!