Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I now have to Tag 7 other Bloggers:)

Before I tag anyone, I have to post the rules.

* I have to post 7 random things about me [done]
* Tag 7 other Bloggers to do the same.
* Post the rules and the Bloggers I tag here.
* Leave tagged a comment on their blogs, so they know that they have been tagged.

I have tried and tried to make a direct link to another blogger through my site, but I haven't figured out how to do this yet! (grrrrrr.) Anyhow here are the 7 people that I have tagged.

Maria Bell, CardInspired by Maria Flossie,Flossie's Follies
Jen, Pieces of Me
Laura, The Stampin'Soldier
Michelle, Come Stamp with Me
Paula, Patternedpaperprincess


Flossie's Follies said...

thanks for the tag, my answers are on my site, can't believe I did this one so quickly. I did not know who to tag so I left it up to the readers to tag themselves.

Flossie's Follies said...

Oh, if you want to do a direct link, when you are typing your post up in the menu box above it you will see a weir symbol. Highlight the word where you want to do the link and click on the symbol, it will then bring up a box and you can put in the web address. Hope this helps

Michelle said...

I played tagged. i'm not it anymore!
Malieta, here is the way i learned how to insert's from Bloghore:
When you are typing a post, above the screen you will see a little button that looks sort of like a paper clip (if you run your mouse over it, you should see the word link pop up). When you click on it, a window will pop up with a space for you to type in the address. What I do is, for example, if you simply typed "Michelle" in your post, highlighted it and then clicked on the link key, typed in the address you want to link to - the word "Michelle" will turn into a link. I hope that makes sense. I could easily come over and show you....but 'splaining it is a whole different thing!

The Stampin' Soldier said...

LOL! Yeah! My first tag! Thanks.

Dana said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog this morning through Nicole's (the inkblog) and I love it.

I have a silly question: How do you pronounce your name? I ask because a childhood friend of mine is named Melita (Muh-leet-uh), and I've always LOVED it. Your name is spelled differently, but looks like it might sound the same.

I'll be back for sure!

Jen said...

cool! thanks for the tag!! Will work on my answers today. Love the changes that you've done to your site.

to link to anywhere...from your create screen, type the word, or place that you want to link, highlight the entire word, or words, then click on the "link" button - it is located on the right of the "T" with the color block...another box will pop up with a section to enter the URL address beginning with "http://...."

hope this helps...

hugs n' aloha,

Jen said...

ok dear... I'm done with my answers... you can find it posted here:


Maria said...

Hi Malieta, I didn't realize you tagged me! I'll post my 7 things about me on my Stampin Inspirations blog site because I already did one for Card Inspired.

Thanks for the tag! They're fun! Also a special thank you for all the nice comments you've made on my blog site! I really appreciate it!!


Rita said...

Hi Malieta,
I'm new to the blog world also & just made my own blog.
Just found your blog today & love it, good job. Wow a fellow pogo player my pogo name is daffyrs1.
Hope to see you there sometime. I'm going to put your link on my page so I will check in daily. Have a great day.

Rita said...

Hi Malieta,
Wow your site is looking great! I'm also a new blogger & I can be found on
Found your blog today & enjoyed reading, I will come visit daily.
I'm so glad to meet a fellow pogo player on the blog, my pogo name is daffyrs1, hope to see you there.
Have a great day.