Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Meet the boys

Trying to find my "style" I tried something different.....I kind of like it ,but it is a busy page (chuckle)


Jan Scholl said...

Future starting backcourt for the Pistons? We could have used some help tonight. Did you retire from GM? Do you got to Peddler ever? I get up there once a month, usually on Wacky Wednesday. And hit up HObby Lobby too-I am northwest of Flint and we dont have much af anything anymore.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

malieta said...

Hi Jan,

How are ya!

To answer your questions....Yes I did retire from Delphi (GM). I go the Scrapbook Peddler quite often. I go crazy in Hobby Lobby so I stay away from there. lol Michaels is my fav. right now.

Thank you for posting a comment :)